Office Business

Office Business Limited provides professional IT consultancy services. We design IT architecture, data storage strategy, system services, and applications on web, mobile and social media.

Office Business Limited

About Us

20+ years of IT experience


We enable business to make smarter IT decisions and provide unparallel system experiences via modern architecture design, scalable cloud technology, and agile application development.

Architecture Design

We advise enterprise to design IT architecture, build integration services, create application programming interface, define system deployment and testing procedure, plan performance monitoring framework, and train IT teams.

Cloud Technology

Cloud is on-demand IT resources with flexible pricing. We assist business to choose, deploy and manage cloud services. We provide solutions on Amazon, Aliyun, Cloudflare and other cloud service providers.

Application Development

We work with professional development teams worldwide to build web, desktop, mobile (iOS, Android, Hybrid), Weixin Mini Program and scripting applications.

All in one


Total solution, single point of contact


We focus on business continuity and ensure the system, database, services, and applications are robust and reliable.

Full service

From enquiry to delivery, we provide comprehensive service to cover technology advisory, architecture design, system interfacing, application and service development, deployment and testing, training, and ongoing system monitoring.

Cost saving

Building on top of modern technologies, we leverage the benefits of cloud services, platform-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, open source technologies, supervised outsourcing, tailor-made tools to save cost for you.

Clear Roadmap

With extensive IT experience, we define clear roadmap and schedule for various projects. We commit to delivery date with project quality and user collaboration.

Adhoc Support

We support systems we delivered. We can extend support service to 3rd-party systems and even legacy codes.

N Platforms

We have extensive experience on server-side technologies, database systems, networking technologies, application programming interfaces, and application development on web, mobile, hybrid and Weixin Mini Programs.